crawl space maintenance

Do you still experience a cold atmosphere even if the radiators and heaters are in full blast? Then you better start looking at your crawl space as the culprit in this situation. A damp and moist crawl space means that you need insulation to prevent further damage and infestations. If you need assistance and don’t know how to insulate crawl space, then seek the help of the experts here at Carolina Crawlspace Pros, the leading Crawl Space Company in the Charlotte, NC region for about 25 years. We always make sure that your home investments are protected and safe from any crawl space issues and problems

If your house wasn’t built before 1990 where the energy-conserving building codes were implemented and standardized, then you are probably facing insulation problems with your crawlspace. To keep our place warm and cozy, we have to ensure that the undergrounds and floorings are insulated and installed appropriately. Crawl Space insulation reduce energy costs by preserving the air quality inside the house. Without it, the hot and cold air that we need will be lost through the flooring. The only way for this problem to not happen is to get the crawl spaces insulated. But the question is, how?

Here are some things to take note of how to insulate a crawl space.

Floor Fixing and Cleaning

If your crawl space floor is getting dirty, musty, and moist, you better get help from your trusted crawlspace company to clean your crawl space flooring first. A dirty floor can create a humid atmosphere that increases the air’s moisture, inviting more molds into the walls and floor grounds. That is why there are some cases where your house smells funky or rotten. This is due to the vaporized air from your crawl spaces that creates mold spores and spread throughout your home. To avoid this unpleasant and dominating odor, you must get your floor grounds fixed and cleaned. If necessary, to avoid downpours or water flows, you must eliminate water sources in your crawl space before doing the insulation process.

Wall Insulation

You must know where to do insulations. Insulate only the walls of your crawl space rather than the ceiling. The use of an insulating mat can be a great idea. For solid boards, we can use adhesive construction material or mechanical fasteners. To prevent damage from moisture or water, we can make use of polyisocyanurate which is an identified R-value of 6-7 inches. This insulation material will resist damage from water, which makes the insulation process much progressive and effective.

Seal all Installed Vents

The next thing you should do is seal all vent openings around the area. Keep in mind, the air we are breathing inside our home comes directly from the crawl spaces. Therefore, we have to make sure that the quality of the air we breathe is good and safe. This is why our team of experts seal vent openings during crawl space insulation so that the cold air coming from the air conditioning unit and hot air coming from the radiators or heating units will not be lost through the flooring. Make sure also that the hatchways to the exterior will be sealed. If you are not skilled enough to do this job, then let our team do the work for you.

Joist and Sills Sealing

To seal joist and sills, you can cut rectangular pieces from the solid board insulation. You can use sealant foam to ensure that there will be no openings between the top of the crawlspace wall and on the sills. Great stuff sealant foam is great for sealing openings and sills. Through this, we can make sure that the crawl space will really be insulated, and there will be no reason for moist formation.

Install Vapor Barriers Dehumidifier

Our technicians can also install vapor barriers and dehumidifiers to seal the crawl spaces from excess moisture and humidity. This will further prevent the formation of molds and mildew, which are common pest problems in our crawl space. A vapor barrier with a six mil thickness will do.

In these difficult times, don’t hesitate to call for help. When you have crawl space issues, let our team of experts at Carolina Crawlspace Pros handle the job for you. Let us transform your home into an upgraded, usable, and energy-efficient place. Our skilled professional crawl space technicians are just one call away. Call us now!