Water Damage, Charlotte, NC

We can take care of water damage in your crawlspace.


Water Damage in Charlotte, North Carolina

Water in your crawlspace can significantly affect the atmosphere in the rest of your home. When moisture intrudes, it’s essential to take care of this water damage quickly and institute measures to prevent another similar issue. Otherwise, the water damage will continue, and your crawlspace may even experience a mold problem.

Trust our team at Carolina Crawlspace Pros if you need help with water damage in your crawlspace. We’re professional, reliable, and highly referred for our water damage services throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area. When you have water damage, we’ll not only rectify the damage, but also take steps to prevent another moisture problem in the future.

There are many ways water can enter your crawlspace, but some of the most common include plumbing leaks, subterranean leaks, moisture from the soil, and open vents. We know how to take care of all of these common moisture issues and leave you with a crawlspace that is impervious to water damage.

On top of dealing with the water problem, we can also help with dehumidification and ventilation. These solutions can prevent problems with a musty, moldy crawlspace and contribute to keeping your crawlspace clean, dry, and healthy.

Don’t let water damage ruin your crawlspace and your peace of mind. Get in touch with us if you need help with water damage, and our team will come quickly to remedy the issue and provide effective solutions.


Flood Damage Repair

We can do flood damage repair when disaster strikes at your home. As a homeowner, one of the things you probably fear the most is dealing with a flood in your home. Flooding can do a lot of damage to your home and all the things in it, so it can be such a hassle to deal with.