Some homes are more susceptible to taking in water in their basement or crawlspace.  Homes that are built in regions with high rain counts and moist soil may be more prone to standing water problems.  The good news is that there are several precautionary measures you can take.

When examining the outside base of your home, be sure that the dirt slopes downward so that any water will flow away from your home. In the event that water settles around the base of your home, it could seep through and cause issues with mold, while also threatening the foundation.  That is why gutters show release rainwater a minimum of six feet away from the home.

It is also important to make sure any hoses connected to the outside of your home do not have a leaky nozzle.  A steady leak could allow water to seep down into your basement or crawlspace and although it may take several weeks, standing water could develop.

There is also the issue of water getting into your basement following a rainstorm.  One way to remedy this issue is to install a sump pump, which will take any standing water and discharge it outside. However, should the power go out, a sump pump is rendered useless and that can lead to a lot of standing water in a basement or crawlspace. Even if a sump pump is installed, a drying fan should also be used to completely eliminate any remnants of standing water.

It should be noted that standing water is not the only cause of mold growth.  A high level of humidity is really all that is needed for mold to grow as there only needs to be traces of moisture.

Many basements are equipped with windows and to prevent water from gaining entry, window wells are used as a line of defense.  While window wells do keep out water, they also prevent adequate ventilation, which can be a primary cause for the growth of mold.  To combat this issue, it is a good idea to remove those covers on a regular basis and air out the basement.

Rest assured, Carolina Crawlspace Pros can attend to any standing water or mold problems you may encounter in your Carolina home.  Our solutions are individualized to fix every problem as we offer crawlspace encapsulation, basement waterproofing, spray foam insulation, and the installation of a vapor barrier.