There is a long list of issues that can create problems in your crawlspace and one of the most common is humidity. Those who live in areas where the humidity exceeds 55%, there is a higher chance that mold spores and dust mites will be more active.

Mold spores will grow in great abundance if the conditions are right. In order for mold spores to form and grow, they need to have water. When air has a humidity level that surpasses 70%, there is enough moisture to enable mold spores to grow.

Another sign of trouble with humidity comes in the form of dust mites. These tiny unpleasant creatures thrive in dark, damp places and can ascend throughout a home. In order to eliminate dust mites, a dehumidifier should be installed in your crawlspace. This will protect the vulnerable parts of the crawlspace from producing any dust mites.

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There are other types of would-be fixes that should be avoided in crawlspaces. Venting a crawlspace should be avoided when living in a humid area. The reason for this is the air that is brought in from the outside is full of moisture, more so than the actual amount of moisture in your crawlspace. That could quickly lead to a buildup of mold and provide a prime breeding ground for dust mites.

The key to a lasting fix is to find the source of the problem that is causing the excess humidity and then eradicate it. Another common cause of humidity in a crawlspace is standing water. The presence of water signifies that your home has either leaky plumbing or an issue with drainage. If that is the case, then it could become a plumbing issue.

Newer homes can also experience problems with standing water and that is mainly due to a builder’s failure to waterproof the concrete block. An improperly graded yard could also be a source of this kind of problem.

There is even the possibility that humidity problems can be caused by water evaporating from the ground. When that is the cause, the best method of fixing the problem is crawlspace encapsulation.

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