How a Crawlspace Dehumidifier Will Protect Your Crawlspace

When it comes to protecting your crawlspace from mold growth and other moisture-related damages, you have a few options available to you. One option is purchasing a crawlspace dehumidifier. This device pulls in the moisture in the air, decreasing the humidity in your crawlspace. Not only does this make it harder for mold to grow, as mold requires dark, damp spaces to thrive, but it also helps remove and reduce viruses, bacteria, dust, and allergens.

Excess moisture in your crawlspace can negatively affect the insulation there. Wet and moldy insulation attracts bugs that can damage the wood surrounding your crawlspace. These wooden supports are necessary for keeping the rest of your home structurally sound, so preventing pest infestations in your crawlspace should be a top priority. Investing in a crawlspace dehumidifier helps prevent these pests from coming in by making your crawlspace less hospitable to them.

A crawlspace dehumidifier can’t be substituted with the standard dehumidifier you may buy for your living room or bedroom. The humidity is naturally higher in your crawlspace than other areas of your home because of its close proximity to the damp earth below it, and a regular dehumidifier isn’t equipped to handle that, so make sure you leave the standard dehumidifiers for your living spaces.

We at Carolina Crawlspace Pros are happy to install a crawlspace dehumidifier in your crawlspace. If you’re looking for extra help keeping your crawlspace dry, you can also have us encapsulate your crawlspace, as those two moisture control items working together provide an extra boost to the overall wellbeing of your crawlspace.