Five Signs Your Home Needs Crawlspace Encapsulation

You probably don’t like the idea of crawling around in your crawlspace to check for moisture issues. Don’t worry– there are less scary ways to tell if there is a moisture problem going on in your home’s crawlspace. Here are some common signs that indicate you may need crawlspace encapsulation:

  1. Odors- If you have a wet crawlspace, there is a good chance you’ll notice a stale, musty odor inside your home. If you’ve been wandering around trying to figure out where that “wet dog” smell is coming from, and you don’t even have a dog, there is a good chance you need crawlspace encapsulation.
  2. Floor issues- Humidity can be pretty tough on various types of flooring materials. If you are noticing warping, separations, or even soggy areas here and there, it is likely you have a moisture issue that crawlspace encapsulation can resolve.
  3. Insects- If your pest control company is throwing up their hands in defeat because the pest barrier chemicals that they’re putting around your home aren’t working, the pests could be coming from under your home instead. A damp crawlspace is like hanging out the vacancy sign, and bugs are all too happy to live rent-free in your home.
  4. Utility costs rising- Your air conditioning system will have to work quite a bit harder to control humidity if you have a damp crawlspace. If you see your bill going up and it’s not due to a utility company rate increase, consider crawlspace encapsulation services.
  5. Mold, mildew, and condensation- If you feel like you are living in a swamp, it’s not likely comfortable for you, but it is the prime environment for mold and mildew. You’ll see visible signs of them at times, as well as condensation on the windows if the humidity is too high for your AC to handle.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms at your Charlotte, North Carolina home, reach out to us at Carolina Crawlspace Pros to schedule an evaluation appointment. We don’t mind crawling under your home to find out what is going on and sharing our findings. If crawlspace encapsulation is recommended, we’ll go over what that entails and address your questions. Contact us today to learn more.