Too much moisture can cause problems. Moisture in a crawl space is typically a sign of imminent trouble. There are various ways this issue can affect homeowners, which is why it is important to know just how much damage and inconvenience a little moisture can do. This article will discuss the problems associated with moisture in a crawlspace and how to avoid them.



Home damage caused by moisture can vary from warping floorboards to malfunctioning electronics, mold growth to wood rot, and beyond. It is a daunting thing to think about for most property owners. A small moisture problem in a crawlspace can literally grow into a bigger problem.


Without crawl space encapsulation a moisture problem is more than like to arise. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow, which can be harmful to home occupants’ health and eat away at the home. It is important to remember that the air (and mold spores) in a crawlspace will circulate throughout the whole house. However, mold is not the only issue that homeowners encounter when moisture is present in their crawlspaces.

In addition to promoting structural decay and potentially mold growth, this dark and damp environment can be an open invitation to pests. This can easily become an invasion of rodents and pests, including creepy-crawlies, which affects an entire home. Everything from mice and frogs to snakes and spiders will seek shelter in a dark, moist crawlspace. These critters could give life to a whole new ecosystem in your crawlspace as predators seek them out. Some of these pest can carry diseases and even cause direct damage to your home. For these reason, it is important to take action against moisture at the first sign of pests within your crawlspace.


Preventing excess moisture from entering your home is key to controlling mold and other issues it can cause. Mold and moisture damage are things that home inspectors and insurance adjusters will look for in crawlspaces and basements. They actually use a tool called a moisture meter, which measures moisture content on a surface. Moisture meter readings that signal the presence of water means that there could be mold growth. If you think moisture maybe a problem in your home, there are professional services such as encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and dehumidifier installation that can help get it under control.


It is not customary for most household members to take a trip down to the crawlspace very often. It is not exactly an easy thing in some cases. However, this should be a point of emphasis. Like with most things, becoming familiar with your basement or crawl space will make it easier to identify issues when they do occur. Taking a routine look inside a crawlspace to checkup on things including a moisture levels is best practice. Whenever in doubt about the state of your crawlspace, contact Carolina Crawlspace Pros.


It is common to find vents built into a crawlspace, but it is becoming common knowledge that these vents do more harm than good in some cases. The original intention of the vents was to allow better air circulation, which in turn is supposed to reduce humidity. There are two main problems with this idea. First, the humidity levels in the crawlspace will only ever get as low as the humidity outside, and that is a bigger problem for us here in the south. Second, when warm outside air and cooler crawlspace air meet, condensation forms. Avoid these issues by having the vents properly sealed.


In dirt crawlspaces, adding a vapor barrier is a must. Homes built in areas that are prone to flooding or have high ground moisture can benefit the most. A vapor barrier provides a thick layer of protection overtop the dirt and porous concrete. This is extremely helpful in preventing excess moisture.


In many case, certainly here in the Carolinas, a dehumidifier is necessary to fully combat the issue of moisture within a home. These are not the typical dehumidification units you would find in a general store. They are special designed machines that are built to last and get the job done. Here at Carolina Crawlspace Pros, we carry what we consider the best dehumidifier brand for our customer –Santa Fe. This brand produces dehumidifiers for all situations and come with a five years warranty.

Carolina Crawlspace Pros can help you take preventative measures so that your crawlspace remains free from moisture. Our team of experienced technicians can perform a thorough inspection and attend to all varieties of crawlspace problems in Charlotte, NC. When it comes to crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, or spray foam insulation, we have the experience and skills to help you!