Crawl Space Odor NeutralizerDo you have a musty crawl space that needs cleaning and deodorizing? Does the smell in your crawl space affect the air inside your house? If you are experiencing any of these signs, consult the crawl space experts at Carolina Crawlspace Pros, the best crawl space company in North Carolina. With extreme and bad weather conditions in North Carolina, our team is always ready to provide services to the community through a crawl space dehumidifier

Our home can smell musty or funky when our crawl space has higher humidity and moisture level. For instance, we often experience having a musty crawl space after long hours of rain. The ground becomes saturated, making the water stream the walls quickly and infiltrating the crawl space. When does a crawl space get musty? When groundwater stimulates minerals in the soil, it diffuses a musty odor that penetrates the air, spreading throughout the house. Mold and mildew infestations give off a foul odor also. Rodent droppings and sewage leaks in the drainage system can also diffuse a musty odor in the air. To be sure of the origin of the musty smell, call an expert to inspect your crawl space.

Here is a crawl space odor neutralizer that you can take note of.

Flood and Ground Water Draining

We can drain out the ground using the French drain procedure if you have a soggy wet crawl space. This is an excellent way to direct running water or groundwater from flowing or streaming to the house’s foundation. The French drain method collects groundwater and removes excess moisture. The water freely flows through the pipes and prevents it from pooling in low-lying areas like the basement of our house. Our team at Carolina Crawlspace Pros also recommends sump pumps to drain out excess water to prevent flooding. 

Clean Out Your Crawl Space

The next thing you should consider in eliminating musty odors is to clean out the whole crawlspace. One cause of musty and funky odors is due to bacterial and pest infestations like mold and mildew. If the crawlspace is not clean, the chances of pest infestations are much higher than before. Molds and mildew can infest the woods and walls in our crawlspace, making it rot and create a musty odor. Getting our crawlspace clean will reduce these unfortunate events and will prevent musty crawl space. And if you already have one, Carolina Crawlspace Pros offers crawl space dehumidifiers and space odor neutralizers to help fix the issue. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moist can be a negative factor to our crawlspace if left unnoticed. Another way of eliminating excess moisture is through crawl space encapsulation. This is a sealing technique where a sheet of polyethylene plastic is wrapped or lined to the floor and foundation walls. This is a good way of creating a vapor barrier that blocks moisture out of the subfloor area. With this, the vapor moisture will be prevented from rotting the wooden frame of the house. Crawl space encapsulation will also avert pest infestations since there is no place for moist or humid areas. 

Eliminate Rodents

Pests like house mice and rats are likely to live in dark, moist, and unmonitored areas like our crawl space. When pests take over the crawl space, there is not much time until the musty odor spreads throughout the site. To eliminate rodents from the crawl space, you can let the experts at Carolina Crawlspace Pros take over the task. We can create traps to catch the rodents or seal the vents to close the entrance of rodents.

Fix Plumbing Problems

If the musty smell comes from your sewage or drainage, get a plumber to inspect the pipes in the crawlspace and if contaminated substances are present. If there are possible leakages, finding the root of the leaks should be done and fixed. Our expert team can provide plumbing services throughout the whole crawl space dehumidifying process. There will be no reason for excess water and flooding if there are no signs of plumbing issues in your crawlspace. 

These are just some things that you should know on how to eliminate musty odors in our crawl space. If you can’t handle crawl space problems, let the professional do the work for you. Trust the experts at Carolina Crawlspace Pros, the leading crawl space company in North Carolina. We have crawl space odor neutralizers that will surely eradicate foul odors in your crawl space and make your home more refreshing. So what are you waiting for? Call us and schedule your next crawl space appointment!