Crawl Space Encapsulation Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on what crawl space repair service is needed, will determine the cost of the services. Call us today to set up an estimate!

Aside from eliminating high humidity levels in your crawl space, crawl space encapsulation has many benefits that you will easily notice. These benefits include lowering your energy bill, improving the air quality in your home, and so much more.

Sometimes our crawl space professionals will recommend vapor barrier installation. Vapor barriers are super durable and cover the inside walls and floors of the crawl space preventing the ground moisture from evaporating into the rest of the area causing structural damage to your home.

We only use the best of the best, Carolina Crawlspace Pros dehumidifiers. These units have filters that take dust and mold sports out of the air, as well as a 5-year warranty.

Our crawl space encapsulation services are guaranteed for life. This guarantee is lifetime & transferable if you sell the home.

There are three sources of moisture in a crawl space: The Earth (vapor barrier needed), vents (sealed shut), and condensation (dehumidifier needed).

We offer free inspection for crawl spaces and our professionals are highly trained to be able to identify what the issue may be and how to solve that issue.

We use closed cell spray foam insulation. On average this foam is 1 inch thick and does not allow vapor to pass.

We highly suggest only hiring professionals for your crawlspace waterproofing services. If not completed correctly, you could face thousands of dollars in costly repairs later down the road.

By not sealing the ceiling or joist, this allows for air circulation. If we sealed the joists and fiberglass insulation it would create a vacuum in the crawl space.