Consider Crawlspace Waterproofing Before Selling Your Home

If you are thinking about listing your home on the market in the future, you may be wondering what improvements you can make to maximize the amount you could sell it for. One thing to know is that improvements that demonstrate you take good care of the home will not go unnoticed. Investing in crawlspace waterproofing, for example, shows that you didn’t let a moisture issue cause mold, pest issues, or structural damage.

There are various ways to handle crawlspace waterproofing, and a professional will be happy to evaluate your home to make a recommendation for the best option. They will discuss such solutions as crawlspace encapsulation and a crawlspace dehumidifier, for example. What you’ll gain is the added value to your home, and you won’t have to worry that those who tour your home will pick up on signs of a problem, such as condensation on the windows, musty odors, or pest problems.

Another thing to think about is that if you plan to upgrade the flooring to have your home show better, you’ll want to have crawlspace waterproofing done first so that your new flooring isn’t affected by excess humidity.

If you are considering selling your Charlotte, North Carolina home or want to make your home more enjoyable for however many more years you’ll live there, contact us at Carolina Crawlspace Pros to learn about our crawlspace waterproofing services. We will let you know if your crawlspace needs attention and, if so, the best way to proceed based on your objectives. For 25 years, we have provided expert solutions to all crawlspace issues at an affordable cost. Let’s discuss your options!