When hot air meets cold air, condensation is created. Inside a crawlspace, that produces humidity which can cause an array of problems. However, it is not as if homeowners can take a simple look inside and immediately figure out the humidity level in all parts of their crawlspace. What they can do is identify any signs of condensation.

Condensation is an indication that the humidity level has reached 100%. That means the air cannot hold any more moisture, which is why water starts to form condensation. Once that condensation appears, it is often followed by the growth of mold and mildew. That growth leads to unhealthy air that begins to rise up through your home. Prolonged exposure to that air can result in a variety of health problems. So at the first sign of condensation, it is time for a fix.

The most effective way to attend to condensation in a crawlspace is to hire a professional service for the purpose of crawl space encapsulation. Sealing off the crawlspace is a much better option than venting it. This method produces a drier environment within the crawlspace.

The process begins by laying a vapor barrier on the walls and floor in the crawlspace. This acts as a way of sealing off from the outside. However, there should be a small gap left by the sill so that professionals can conduct pest inspections. That gap is typically no more than three inches.

Openings to the outside should also be sealed off. That includes any doors that may be loose and especially vents. The purpose is to keep any air from the outside from getting into your crawlspace and mixing hot and cold air to create condensation.

Once a crawlspace is encapsulated, it prevents any rodents or insects from gaining access. It also serves the function of minimizing the growth of mold and mildew. The benefits even show up in your monthly energy bills, which can be reduced by as much as 15-20%. Air quality within your home will also be improved, making it a healthier environment for you and your family.

Carolina Crawl Space Pros has a vast amount of experience encapsulating crawl spaces and can also take care of basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. When you begin to see signs of condensation, mold or moisture in your crawlspace, contact our team of experienced professionals for an efficient and affordable solution.