mold remediation services

mold remediation services

Crawl space mold removal in Charlotte, NC, is a common household service that homeowners request from our experts at Carolina Crawlspace Pros. Mold doesn’t require sunlight to grow, making the crawl spaces their perfect breeding ground. There are a lot of reasons why the crawl spaces are more susceptible to mold than other parts of the house:

  •         Penetrating Damp. These are the moisture that enters the crawl space from entirely different places. It can be from a failing heating and air conditioning unit, plumbing leaks, and walls with poor insulation.
  •         Condensation. Poor ventilation causes condensation. Crawl space mold removal in Charlotte, NC, is necessary if you don’t invest much in your ventilation system.

There are many ways to identify crawl space molds. You have a mold problem when you notice green, pink and black spots around baseboards and on the different parts of the crawl space. Other signs include things that look like water stains, moldy smells, and of course if any of your family members are already suffering from respiratory issues like coughing.


Should You Schedule Crawl Space Mold Removal in Charlotte, NC?


If you are dealing with mold, the most straightforward answer to that is YES. Check out the different benefits of mold removal for your health and your Charlotte, NC home:

  •         Health Protection. Mold can trigger health issues like difficulty in breathing, allergies, coughing, and other respiratory issues. By scheduling mold removal, you are decreasing the mold population and ultimately improving your indoor air quality.
  •         Structural Integrity. Mold damages the wooden structure inside the crawl spaces, including walls and furniture. Crawl space mold removal can help bring back the integrity of your home and extend its service period.
  •         Indoor Air Quality. Mold spores can travel by air and reach your home. This can cause problems with your indoor air, triggering health issues and allergies.

When Do You Need A Crawl Space Mold Removal In Charlotte, NC?


There are different signs that you’re dealing with mold in your crawl spaces.

  •         You can smell musty odors due to the increased population of mold in the area.
  •         You will notice damp areas on the different parts of the crawl space.
  •         Your family is experiencing persistent allergy or cold symptoms.
  •         You will find moisture buildup and water issues on floors, walls, and different areas of the crawl space.
  •         You will experience nosebleeds and headaches recently.
  •         You will spot black and white spores.
  •         Your home has a history of flooding.


 If you suspect the presence of these unwanted particles, don’t hesitate to give us a call. There are different types of molds, and there are different ways to solve them. The most common types are aspergillus and Cladosporium, which are non-toxic molds. They are harmless but still cause allergic symptoms and don’t look great on your property.


If you notice any of these issues and feel the need to schedule a crawl space mold removal in Charlotte, NC, feel free to give our experts a call. Schedule your appointment today!