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Are you tired of pests crawling and rotting your woods? How about having that funky smell due to trap water or moisture from rainfalls or broken pipelines? Maybe it is time to clean your crawl spaces and turn your home into an inviting and clean environment, safe against pests like molds and mildew. Fortunately, Carolina Crawlspace Pros is back in business, and we are ready to take on what kind of filthy crawl space you have at home through Crawl Space Encapsulation.

Do we need to have this Crawl Space Encapsulation for our home? Most of our crawl spaces are being neglected. But what we do not know is that it can break most of our house’s parts and sooner its whole structure. Crawlspaces in our house infiltrate water, pests, and other contaminants, which have negative effects on the owners and the house’s integrity. Crawl Space Encapsulation seals off the area and insulates the house’s walls to prevent moisture or water vapor, pests, and destruction brought by extreme weather.

If you still have those second thoughts, let us take a moment and know the benefits of crawl space encapsulation in your residential and commercial properties.

Pest Protection

One thing we cannot stop is pest infestation. They invade our home without us noticing. Molds are common pests we can see in our crawl spaces. This is because the water which dribbles into your crawl space serves as their breeding ground, where they tend to infest and form more until it becomes uncontrollable. The water that has been trapped due to excess rainfall caused by a storm or due to broken pipelines can cause flooding in your crawl spaces. And since there is little airflow in these spaces, drying up does not happen often.

Damage Control

The trapped water in your crawl spaces can rot the wood and flooring of the house, making it vulnerable to damage and a threat to the firmness of the house. Crawl space encapsulation gives you a big deal since you will not worry about costing a lot of money from wall and floor repairs. Not only that, if there is no water in your crawl spaces, then there is a little chance of mold and termites infesting. You can save much more money for pest control later on, which is a source of damage since they eat up the woods and structure of the house.

Air Quality

Once your crawl spaces are infested with pests and bacteria, they are brought by the air that comes out, which is harmful to those people breathing. Why risk your health if  Carolina Crawlspace Pros have a solution for that? If you have crawl space encapsulation, chances of pest-related illness and respiratory ailment like asthma are lesser. It is time to live in a fresh, clean space.

Lower Energy Bills

You might want to think about your energy bills and why it is so high. Maybe your crawl spaces are the culprits in the scene. Homes with radiators or air conditioners are prone to high energy bills since they need the heated air during winter and cold air during summer. When you have crawl space encapsulation, it ensures that the heat and air are trapped for a long period, often lost through your crawl space. The lesser air or heat that escapes inside, the lower energy bills you can have. Isn’t crawl space encapsulation worth investing in? If you think of it, you can save many things through this one-time installation compared to years of higher utility expenses and house maintenance.

Safe and Cozy Home

With crawl space encapsulation, you can spend more hours inside your house, without worrying about air contaminants, high energy costs, and safety. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cozy and warm place during winter? Your kids will spend hours inside during summer, and it is much more comfortable if the cold air from the air conditioning unit is maintained for a longer period.

What are you waiting for? Live your life in a safer, clean, and comfortable home. Grab your phone and schedule an appointment at Carolina Crawlspace Pros. We guarantee that your dollars will be worth spending for. Your satisfaction is what matters.