Standing Water Issues

Having a finished basement is a wonderful thing. It can add so much living space to your home as well as value. If your basement is compromised however, it can be frustrating and challenging. Many homes have finished basements and experience water entry. This could cause you to lose thousands of dollars in costly repairs. What is worse is replacing the flooring, walls, and furniture only to have it happen again.
Carolina Crawlspace Pros has a basement waterproofing system that not only guarantees you never have to worry about this again but also protect the value of your home.


Water Intrusion Issues

Even if you do not have a finished basement having water intrusion is never good for your home. We all know water finds the easiest path of resistance. Once your foundation has been compromised it will only get worse. The waterproof paint sold in stores only accentuates the problem and could in fact make it a bigger problem. Water will damage your home quicker than anything else.
Carolina Crawlspace Pros has a waterproofing system that guarantees you never see water on your floor again.

Don’t Hesitate To Protect Your Home

There are a couple of issues that could spell disaster for basements. The first issue is erosion and the second is water flow. Erosion is both inevitable and constant, and is also likely to occur around the foundation of your home. It may only seem to be a minor issue. But over the course of time, it is likely to require some maintenance. Meanwhile, water flow can be a more serious problem.

Water can collect around your home and continual pressure can force it to eventually seep inside. That is why it is wise to consider waterproofing your basement. Most homes do not make the waterproofing a simple chore for their owners. Turning to a professional can eliminate the stress, time and potential errors that could occur when a homeowners attempt the task of waterproofing on their own. Carolina Crawlspace Pros has years of experience waterproofing all different kinds of basements.

Basement Waterproofing Service

Carolina Crawlspace Pros has developed a process for waterproofing basements, and that process is adjusted according to each specific situation. For example, many basements need waterproofing because of cracks in the foundation wall. These cracks come in all different shapes and sizes and often leave behind water stains. Even small cracks can spell trouble. Our team of technicians can fix those cracks and ensure no new ones will surface.

Another reason for basement waterproofing is problems with the cove joint. The cove joint refers to the spot where the wall and floor both meet. This can be caused by erosion as hydrostatic pressure can take its toll. However, matters are generally complicated by an excess amount of water that comes with a rainstorm or high snowfalls, which eventually melt. In most instances, sump pumps are installed while cracks or cove joints are also attended to as part of the process.

Prepare Your Home As A Precaution

It does not just take one heavy rainstorm to make homeowners prime candidates for waterproofing. It can be done as a precautionary measure and it does not matter whether or not a basement is finished or unfinished. Water can do the same amount of damage to all kinds of basements. Therefore, all homeowners should consider waterproofing as it could prevent a disaster from occurring. Repairs could be very costly if water makes its way into your home. Investing in this service can also help to protect t your home’s foundation while also increasing its market value.