About Us


Mary Ellen and Jeff

General Manager and Operations Manager

Mary Ellen and Jeff live in Union county North Carolina. They have 6 boys and one girl. So you could imagine they are quite busy. They are very active with their local Boy/Cub Scout troops and enjoy taking the boys camping up in our wonderful Carolina mountains. Dedicated parents they insist on raising the boys to be responsible, hardworking, and productive members of society. They are very active in community, church, and volunteer with CFSI (Center for search and Investigations) for missing children.

While Mary Ellen is the brains of the operation and Jeff has nearly 30 years’ experience in the field. Together they make up a team covering every aspect of running a people friendly business that has their customers best interest in mind. Working in upper management for large companies for years they have felt being a little more personable and local they could serve our community better without having to charge their customers higher rates due to high overhead costs.

Mary Ellen’s administrative abilities and book smarts are second to none enabling us to find the best quality materials at the best prices bringing savings to you the customer. Jeff was the Operations Manager in the Carolina territory for a nationwide company. His territory alone was responsible for 4 million per year in revenue. Your home is in good hands!



Installation Manager

Jerry is at the very heart of what we do at Carolina Crawlspace Pros. Jerry is a dedicated family man and father of 3 beautiful young ladies and a son. Two of his 4 children are proudly serving our country and protecting our freedom. One daughter is in the National guard serving while earning her college education. Another is in her first year of college and the youngest is a high school senior this year. His son is now proudly serving in the Army in his second term.

When we say Jerry is at the heart of Carolina Crawlspace Pros what we are referring to is he is responsible for the most important role with us. Installations. Jerry has years of experience training personnel everything from use of equipment to physically getting the job done. Jerry is quite the perfectionist when it comes to his trade and insist on a job done right the first time. Jerry is in charge of making sure our customers get exactly what they pay for. Quality product with quality installation. As installation manager he trains your installers personally and does a quality check on each and every install personally.

With great skill and drive Jerry is the guy you want for your crawl space or basement needs. Jerry will be here for you for your dehumidification, drainage, encapsulation, waterproofing, spray foam, fiberglass insulation, or whatever kind of needs you may have to protect your home.